Patlabor The Movie (R1 vs Blu-Ray)

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Patlabor The Movie (R1 vs Blu-Ray)

Post by Kris »

Here are some lossless .png caps comparing the Patlabor R1 and Blu-Ray discs:

R1: ... _12_r1.png
BD: ... _12_bd.png

R1: ... _19_r1.png
BD: ... _19_bd.png

R1: ... _34_r1.png
BD: ... _34_bd.png

R1: ... _14_r1.png
BD: ... _14_bd.png

R1: ... _55_r1.png
BD: ... _55_bd.png

R1: ... _28_r1.png
BD: ... _28_bd.png

Or click here to view the folder with thumbnails.

The previous DVD remaster was really amazing compared to the crummy, old Manga DVDs, but the Blu-Ray version leaves it in the dust. The sharpness, contrast and amount of detail is simply stunning. Just look at those clouds!

Compression is perfect too. The shot of the tank being pummeled is a scene which is constantly blinking and the frame has to be completely re-rendered a couple of times per second, and you can see how this makes the DVD look like one huge smudge, yet on the Blu-Ray disc there isn't even a single trace of a compression artifact.

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Post by gasteropod »

Since when has it been available on Blu-ray?!

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Post by Lourdes »

Just this mornng I deleted the DVD's that come with the Patlabor 1 & 2 BD's and the previous releases because I couldn't be bothered to do a comparison myself. Doh.

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