House of Flying Daggers: Edko 2-Disc vs French Blu-Ray

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House of Flying Daggers: Edko 2-Disc vs French Blu-Ray

Unread post by tom2681 » 28 Oct 2008, 12:31

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Unread post by bradavon » 28 Oct 2008, 14:01

My (VC-1) UK BD looks significantly better than the UK DVD and HK SE BD. I certainly wouldn't call it "negligible". I've not see all of it but I watched several scenes and it looks excellent.

I didn't spot the telecine wobble others have reported. I presume none of the extras have English subs? Does it have the commentary?

Thanks btw.

p.s - Even going by those captures I wouldn't say the difference is merely negligible. I presume the horse fall is intact?

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