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Wong Kar-Wai remastered Criterion BDs - Lucas-fied cuts

Posted: 02 Apr 2021, 16:11
by EvaUnit02
WKW going back and recutting his old films is nothing new, but he seems to have gone back and done it to a drastic degree with at least Fallen Angels. ... -originals ( )
Fallen Angels is delivered in 2.39:1 aspect ratio now.

ITMFL I remember was in 1:66:1 from my old Criterion DVD from back in the day. That's nothing new.

For all intensive purposes, we're stuck with these current presentations for the foreseeable future, unless you wanna pay big bucks. The OOP English subbed BDs for Fallen Angels are expensive on Ebay.

Re: Wong Kar-Wai remastered Criterion BDs - Lucas-fied cuts

Posted: 17 Apr 2021, 22:29
by Shingster
Yeah unfortunately WKW is even worse than Michael Mann, he shouldn't be allowed anywhere any of his films ever again. I know people will cry blasphemy that an artist should have sole authorship over their work but sometimes I think an artist proves they have nothing new to bring to the table but the worst kind of revisionist butchery, and that is WKW in a nutshell. That boxset from Criterion is an absolute disgrace and Criterion should be ashamed of themselves for not onmly facilitating the wholesale destruction of a once great filmmaker's oeuvre, but also the completely embarassing state of the disc authoring. The compression is a joke (as usual for Criterion) and there have been widespread reports of disc errors.