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Into the Badlands

Posted: 09 Dec 2016, 18:23
With the success of the first season, AMC will be heading back Into the Badlands this spring, which will bring back Daniel Wu as the now former clipper Sunny, who we last saw was on a boat and is about to be forced into slavery after betraying the River King about killing his star student M.K., who is still learning to harness his dark powers, only to be kidnapped by three monks led by Cung Le.

The first photo features Nick Frost, who will play Bajie (named after Zhu Bajie, the piggy of Journey to the West, the classic novel the series is loosely based on), Sunny's only ally while in captivity. The Queen, who was the antagonist of season 1, now will need help to fight the other Barons and Sunny now must find a way back to the Badlands in hopes to find M.K. when a new mysterious threat has arrived.

Production had moved from New Orleans in season 1 to Ireland for season 2.