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Forum Update & Password Change

Posted: 21 Feb 2016, 00:56
by Lourdes
The forum software needed a long overdue update, ensures the board is secure to avoid any potential hassle.
Sorry things look so different, can't be helped.

You may have been asked to change your password, this is my fault; I accidentally enabled a feature to force changes every x days.
I've turned it off now.

The previous logo looked quite heinous on the blue header background so I had to knock something up in a few minutes. It was less trouble than finding out how to mess with style colours, and then mess with them.
Anyone is free to submit another.

If anything is broken/wanted/needed let me know.

Hosting & domain renewal is coming up soon. I'll make another post when I know how much that will be, it was around $100 for 3 years last time I believe but that was with a new customer discount.

I'll also try and arrange things so that Shingster and HungFist have access to the domain and hosting accounts if possible.

Re: Forum Update & Password Change

Posted: 25 Feb 2016, 04:42
by Shingster
New forums look pretty good to me, thanks Lourdes! :notworthy:

Have you got the old logo saved? If so could you upload it to WeTransfer or some other similar file transfer site? I might take a crack at producing a new logo for the site at some point and it'd be nice to have the original for reference.

Re: Forum Update & Password Change

Posted: 28 Feb 2016, 00:08
by Lourdes

Re: Forum Update & Password Change

Posted: 28 Feb 2016, 23:25
by Shingster
Cheers Lourdes!