Retro Cinemas and Cult Films in Japan

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Re: Retro Cinemas and Cult Films in Japan

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HungFist wrote: 31 Mar 2024, 15:54The 2024 retrospective includes five films from the 2013 line-up (including three that Laputa had produced prints for), as well as three new films. If you look at the list carefully and beyond, you'll find some vaguely familiar names. Misao Arai was Teruo Ishii's assistant director in his notorious late 60s shockers, and directed the 2nd film in the Hot Springs Geisha series. Tomomi Yoda likewise worked as assistant director in films like Horrors of Malfomed Men and Tokugawa Sex Ban. Victimized was written by Ikuo Sekimoto, while “Married Woman’s Sex Hell” was written by Masahiro Kakefuda and co-stars Takuzo Kawatani. Kawatani is also the star of The Fancy Man, which is the film I'm most looking forward to seeing.
I'd be curious about the Misao Arai film at the very least. In my opinion, his second Hot Springs Geisha film is the best entry in the whole series. And I say that as someone who worships at the altar of Suzuki's Soft-Shell Turtle Geisha film but even if that one is a close second it can't beat the ero-guro fireworks that Arai unleashes in the last third of his film. It feels illegal at times and depending on where in the world you watch the film, maybe it is. I don't think I ever managed to see any other film he directed, which is a damn shame.

I still find the 180 you did on Kawatani funny. The guy certainly has a... unique acting style. I've always liked him but that's because my introduction to him was Shogun's Sadism and not one of the many lowbrow comedy roles he did.
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Re: Retro Cinemas and Cult Films in Japan

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Guro Taku wrote: 31 Mar 2024, 19:04 I still find the 180 you did on Kawatani funny.
I know :lol: 10 years ago I called him a "miserable over-actor". Now I fly to Tokyo just to see him in a bargain budget porno :lol:

I even like his comedy act now :lol:
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