Bianca Overstudy (Naoyuki Tomomatsu, 2019)

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Bianca Overstudy (Naoyuki Tomomatsu, 2019)

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Naoyuki Tomomatsu's next movie, following on the heels of SCISSOR DICK (2018), will be an adaptation of Yasutaka Tsutsui's novel BIANCA OVERSTUDY, which was first published in 2012 and was at one point in talks of getting an anime adaptation as well. Yasutaka Tsutsui's work was previously adapted by Satoshi Kon with the anime film PAPRIKA and also served the source material for about a dozen adaptations of THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME. I'm not familiar with the novel BIANCE OVERSTUDY is based on by after reading through a couple synopses I am no longer surprised that Tomomatsu would choose/be chosen to direct this film.

Apparently the story involves one Bianca Kitamachi, who's not only stunningly beautiful but also a bit of a mad scientist. She likes to conduct experiments with male student's sperm and is surprised when she finds out that one student's sperm is actively fighting and destroying another student's cum. Turns out the student with the weak-sauce man-batter is actually a time-traveller from the future, where science, technology and capitalism have peaked and humanity is in the process of self-destruction. In the future they also have a problem with giant mantisses, which were bred as an alternative food source but escaped and ate the fuck out of other livestock. Dedicated to solve the future's giant mantis crisis, Bianca decides she wants to breed human-frog hybrids, which will not only be gigantic but also highly intelligent and great at teamwork, and thus able to defeat the mantis army.

Hopefully Tomomatsu will have more than the $25.000 he shot SCISSOR DICK with at his disposal as I'd expect a siceable FX budget would benefit the plot outlined above.

There's currently an open casting call, so if you're in Japan and want in on the fun, give it a try. I know I would.
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