The Angry Guest (1972)

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The Angry Guest (1972)

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Director: Chang Cheh
Starring: David Chiang, Ti Lung, Yasuaki Kurata, Ching Li, Chen Sing, Fong Yan-ji, Bolo Yeung, Chang Cheh

A sequel to Duel of Fists, with David Chiang and Ti Lung taking on the Yakuza. Mainly notable for featuring the HK debut of the legendary Yasuaki Kurata, who gets to enjoy a rather explicit sex scene (maybe that was a concillation for him having to lose to David Chiang).

Be prepared for a shock, as the Yakuza boss is played by none other than...Chang Cheh, looking uncannily like Barry Humphries in Rocky Horror spin-off Shock Treatment. And of course, Chang gets to indulge his particular fetish, by having several scenes of topless men slowwwwwly slitting their stomachs open in hara-kiri fashion.

Speaking of fetishes, Ching Li is back, doing absolutley nothing but looking fabulously gorgeous, and there's an exceptionally cute "Japanese" chick played by Fong Yan-ji.

My fave HK villian, Chen Sing, is largely wasted in this, his last film for Shaws before he became an indie star. Still, you have to admire his character's dedication, constantly joining in fights despite having a broken leg.

And Bolo looks like the freakish love child of Chang Cheh and Kenneth Anger here - all bare chest and biker threads!

Oh, was it any good? Yeah, it was ok - points for the Jackie Chanesque construction site finale, two hot ladies, cool cast, and some funky fashion. And Chang Cheh isn't half bad, I surprised he didn't stick himself into more movies.

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