I hate to admit this... but... Mark was right.

Literally. Unless it Should Go Elsewhere
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I hate to admit this... but... Mark was right.

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I absolutely hated Quantum of Solace when it came out, and earlier attempts to give it a 2nd chance ended with more frustration about the terrible editing in the action-scenes.

However, last night it was on TV, and I hadn't masturbated for a while so I needed Daniel Craig for that, so I ended up watching the movie again, and even though all the negative arguments still stand (rushed, poor editing, etc), I actually could enjoy it more this time, and Craig is once again the best thing about it. So intense and driven.

After the disappointing Skyfall and SPECTRE (great until the last half hour), I'm not sure where this falls, but it remains a shame they released QoS in the state they did, cause underneath is a very good Bond-movie hidden.
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