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My favorite movies

Unread post by Mo » 18 Jan 2016, 07:49

Here's a couple notes about this list- I decided not to number this because it's too much of a hassle to renumber it if I have to add a movie. The movies are listed in order. I rarely see a movie that's good enough to make this list but hopefully I'll be adding many more titles in the future. It's not a definitive list, so this is pretty much all of my favorite movies and it's pretty much in order. Note 2- I've seen around 15 Zatoichi movies but I do not own them anymore and haven't seen them in many years, so I decided to exclude all of Zatoichi. I remember part 6 and 22 being my favorites, I think. Note 3- I decided not to list the country. I'm never sure if I should list the country of the film company or the country where it was filmed. How do you guys decide what country to list?

#1- Legend of a Fighter- 1982
Terminator 2- 1991
Snatch- 2000
Killer Constable- 1980
The Avenging Eagle- 1978
Gladiator- 2000
Requiem For a Dream- 2000
Three O'clock High- 1987
5 Element Ninjas- 1982
A Christmas Story- 1983
The Young Master- 1980
The Sword Stained with Royal Blood- 1993
The Stepfather- 1987
The Thing- 1982
Fright Night- 1985
Deadly Outlaw Rekka- 2002
The Fellowship of the Ring- 2001
The Longest Nite- 1998
Keoma- 1976
Shaolin vs Lama- 1983
Iron Monkey- 1993
The Golden Child- 1986
The Crow- 1994
Once Upon a Time in China- 1991
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly- 1966
Desperado- 1995
Fist of Legend- 1994
Hero- 2002
Memento- 2000
Footprints on the Moon- 1975
True Romance- 1993
Kick Ass- 2010
Beverly Hills Cop- 1984
The Running Man- 1987
Shaolin Prince- 1982
Kid with the Golden Arm- 1979
The Sword- 1980
The Magic Blade- 1976
Heartbreak Ridge- 1986
Dogma- 1999
Die Hard- 1988
Ninja Terminator- 1985
Unforgiven- 1992
Better Off Dead- 1985
Being John Malkovich- 1999
Dumb and Dumber- 1994
Ferris Bueller's Day Off- 1986
The Truman Show- 1998
A Better Tomorrow- 1986
The Outlaw Josey Whales- 1976
Return to the 36th Chamber- 1980
The Brute and the Beast- 1966
Hoop Dreams- 1994
Duel- 1971
Shaolin Soccer- 2001
Ninja in the Dragon's Den- 1982
Detroit Rock City- 1999
Dark City- 1998
On the Run- 1988
Predator- 1987
Love on Delivery- 1994
Fight Back to School 2- 1992
Fight Back to School- 1991
Lone Wolf and Cub Sword of Vengeance- 1972
Go- 1999
Falling Down- 1993
Beetlejuice- 1988
The Shawshank Redemption- 1994
Lone Wolf and Cub Baby Cart in the Land of Demons- 1973
UHF- 1989
Major League- 1989
National Lampoon's Vacation- 1983
Phantasm- 1979
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre- 1974
Back to the Future- 1985
This is Spinal Tap- 1984
Tommy Boy- 1995
District 9- 2009
Braindead- 1992
Little Miss Sunshine- 2006
Alien- 1979
Step Brothers- 2008
Jaws- 1975
The Two Towers- 2002
One Armed Boxer- 1972
Last Hero in China- 1993
Fight Club- 1999
8 Diagram Pole Fighter- 1984
Best of the Best- 1989
Inception- 2010
The Shining- 1980
Ghostbusters- 1984
The Ugly Ones- 1967
Total Recall- 1990
Twins- 1988
Fist of Fury- 1972
King of Comedy- 1982
If Looks Could Kill- 1991
The 7 Grandmasters- 1978
The Big Gundown- 1966
If you Meet Sartana, Pray For Your Death- 1968
Full Contact- 1992
True Lies- 1994
The Gold Connection- 1979
Boogie Nights- 1997
Bad Boys- 1995
Role Models- 2008
Braveheart- 1995
Ace Ventura Pet Detective- 1994
Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure- 1985
Dazed and Confused- 1993
Christmas Vacation- 1989
Seven Samurai- 1954
Shaolin Intruders- 1983
Blazing Saddles- 1974
Gone in 60 Seconds- 1974
American Pyscho- 2000
Fargo- 1996
What Price Honesty?- 1981
Young Frankenstein- 1974
Edward Scissorhands- 1990
Dance of the Drunken Mantis- 1979
Killer Wears White- 1980
5 Fighters From Shaolin- 1984
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade- 1989
Wayne's World- 1992
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?- 1988
48 Hours- 1982
The Game- 1997
Little Superman- 1975
Iron Swallow- 1979
Kung Fu Zombie- 1981
Platoon- 1986
Shutter Island- 2010
Tom Yum Goong- 2005
Trading Places- 1983
The Bourne Identity- 2002
The Princess Bride- 1987
Crime Story- 1993
There's Something About Mary- 1998
Secret Service of the Imperial Court- 1984
American Beauty- 1999
Casino- 1995
Equilibrium- 2002
The Fly- 1986
Child's Play- 1988
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- 1971
Hardboiled- 1992
Class of 1999- 1989
Shanghai 13- 1984
Invasion of the Body Snatchers- 1978
Snake in the Eagle's Shadow- 1978
Drunken Master- 1978
The Sword of Justice 1980-
The Boxer's Adventure- 1979
Death Rides a Horse- 1966
Shaolin Mantis- 1978
Dirty Ho- 1979
The Blues Brothers- 1980
House of Flying Daggers- 2004
The Burbs- 1989
Uncle Buck- 1989
SPL- 2005
Black Rain- 1989
Superbad- 2007
Knockabout- 1979
The Sword- 1971
The Fifth Element- 1997
Boxer's Omen- 1983
The Rebellious Reign- 1980
Heroes of Shaolin- 1977
Human Lanterns- 1982
Leon- 1994
Rain Man- 1988
Halloween 4- 1988
Jurassic Park- 1994
Catch Me if You Can- 2002
The Master and the Kid- 1978
Swordsman 2- 1992
Orgazmo- 1997
Oldboy- 2003
The Man From Nowhere- 2010
The Naked Gun- 1988
Over the Top- 1987
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin- 1978
Point Break- 1991
Boiler Room- 2000
Office Space- 1999
Buddha's Palm and Dragon Fist-1980
Blindman- 1971
The Fugitive- 1993
The Magnificent Butcher- 1979
Waiting- 2005
Napoleon Dynamite- 2004
Classic Game Room The Rise and Fall of the Internet's Greatest Video Game Review Show- 2007
Big- 1988
Shaolin Rescuers-1979
Die Hard 3- 1995
The Road Warrior- 1981
Election- 1999
Batman- 1989
Batman Begins- 2005
Showdown at the Cotton Mill- 1978
Bloodmoon- 1997
Heat- 1995
High Noon- 1952
Unbreakable- 2000
The Delightful Forest-1972
Groundhog Day- 1993
The Breakfast Club- 1985
Django- 1966
A Stranger in Town- 1967
Blazing Magnum- 1976
The Impossible Kid- 1982
Demolition Man- 1993
Master of the Flying Guillotine- 1976
Return of the Chinese Boxer- 1977
Inside- 2007
Crippled Avengers- 1978
Green Snake- 1993
The Blood Brothers- 1973
A Night at the Roxbury- 1998
Angry Ranger- 1991
King of Kings- 1969
Half Baked- 1998
The Long Kiss Goodnight-1996
Ebola Syndrome- 1996
Heroes of the East- 1978
Police Story 3- 1992
Happy Gilmore-1996
Hard Target- 1993
Big Bullet- 1996
Macabre- 1980
The Victim- 1980
Silent Night Deadly Night part 2- 1987
Project A- 1983
Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows-2011
Fireball- 2009
Shane- 1953
Daggers 8- 1980
Secret Rivals 3- 1981
Hong Kong Godfather- 1985
A Perfect World- 1993
Hell's Windstaff- 1979
7 Steps of Kung Fu-1979
The Wild Bunch- 1969
Creepshow- 1982
Undisputed 2- 2006
The Mist- 2007
8MM- 1999
Color of Pain- 2001
Red- 2010
Chocolate- 2008
Ninja Hunter- 1984
In the Line of Fire- 1993
Die Another Day- 2002
Lethal Weapon- 1987
The Arrival- 1996
Fearless- 2006
Death Duel of Kung Fu- 1979
My Life's on the Line- 1978
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead- 1991
The Leg Fighters- 1980
The Heroic Ones- 1970
The Dirty Two- 1969
Shaolin Traitor- 1977
The Supreme Swordsman- 1983
Taoism Drunkard- 1984
X-Men First Class- 2011
Army of Darkness- 1992
Kill Bill 1 and 2- 2003 and 2004 (I can't decide which one I like more)
Police Academy- 1984
Navajo Joe- 1966
Sleeping Fist-1979
Forbidden City Cop- 1996
All for the Winner- 1990
Adventures in Babysitting- 1987
Strike Commando- 1987
The Return of the Living Dead- 1985
Training Day- 2001
Hatchet for the Honeymoon- 1970
The 13th Warrior- 1999
Thunder Ninja Kids in the Golden Adventure- 1989
The Heroin Busters- 1977
The Master Touch- 1972
Full Impact- 1993
Pump up the Volume- 1990
So Close- 2002
Fist of the White Lotus- 1980
New Nightmare- 1994

Honorable mentions-

Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues- 1991
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Re: My favorite movies

Unread post by Masterofoneinchpunch » 18 Jan 2016, 22:31

I'm going to slowly go through this and make notes of what I want to see and how much I have seen. I wanted to post now so you know I am looking at this.

OK Hoop Dreams, that is a pick I wasn't expecting. It is also in my top 100 films. I played basketball for many years and took to that film. Roger Ebert promoted that film quite a bit and I agree with him that it was a huge mistake for the Academy to not even nominate that for Best Documentary.

I generally list the country who backs the production (where the money is.) Often this can mean different rules of production like with Mainland China and things you cannot film like time travel :).

There are so many films I like (like the first couple of Zatoichi) but are not even in my top 300-500 films.

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Re: My favorite movies

Unread post by Mo » 18 Jan 2016, 22:45

Hoop Dreams should have won best documentary and best editing. Ive been meaning to check out the documentary Stevie. Have you seen it?
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Re: My favorite movies

Unread post by Masterofoneinchpunch » 19 Jan 2016, 00:12

Mo wrote:Hoop Dreams should have won best documentary and best editing. Ive been meaning to check out the documentary Stevie. Have you seen it?
No. The only other film I have seen from Steve James is Life Itself.

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Re: My favorite movies

Unread post by Masterofoneinchpunch » 20 Jan 2016, 00:23

I have to read your reasons of So Close :).

Good to see Three O'clock High- 1987 on there. It is one of my favorites as well. Love the camerawork in it, but I have always enjoyed the story as well. It is one of the films I grew up with, so I have seen it quite a bit of times.

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Re: My favorite movies

Unread post by Mo » 20 Jan 2016, 02:00

I'm a big fan of the high school movies. I don't know why exactly, it's just that a lot of my favorites take place in high school.

I was hoping someone would call me out on one of these movies. I think the main reason So Close is on there is Karen Mok. Love her in So Close. I like the action design a lot and I love seeing hot babes kick butt. It is a guilty pleasure movie.

Be sure to ask any questions that come to mind. I'll warn you there are a 4 or 5 stinkers on here. I don't want you to seek out Full Impact expecting it to be a good movie. But I love it. To make the list it beat out a bunch of my favorite bad movies like Kung Fu Fever, Manos, When Worlds Collide, Undefeatable and Ragin Cajun.
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Re: My favorite movies

Unread post by Masterofoneinchpunch » 20 Jan 2016, 19:26

I'll just give some quick notes to what I think of the ones I watched
Terminator 2- 1991: Saw this quite a bit of times in the 1990s. I don't think I've seen it on DVD though. Loved the film.
Snatch- 2000: One of the first DVDs I bought (well in the first 100). I'm a Guy Ritchie fan so naturally I like this film a lot.
The Avenging Eagle- 1978: I have the DD release of it. Solid, though I do need to rewatch this.
Gladiator- 2000: I did not understand Ebert's dislike of the movie (other than the CGI crowd scenes.) I'm also a fan.
Requiem For a Dream- 2000: One of the few films on this list I am not that big of a fan of. I liked some of the film aspects of it, even recognized when The Simpsons did a rif on it, but I felt it was too obviously heavyhanded.
Three O'clock High- 1987: In my top 100 films.
5 Element Ninjas- 1982: Love this movie. Ohhhh the Chang Cheh violence.
A Christmas Story- 1983: In my top 100 films. I have seen this over 30 times.
The Young Master- 1980: Seen it several times. Even have a long-winded review of it.
The Thing- 1982: One of the few remakes where I like it better than the original. One of my favorite John Carpenter films.
Fright Night- 1985: I remember first seeing this in the 80s. Underrated vampire film.
The Fellowship of the Ring- 2001: I prefer the extended version, but can watch it anytime.
The Longest Nite- 1998: Great film. I am going to rewatch it this month.
Shaolin vs Lama- 1983: You got me to watch this. I enjoyed it. If I rewatch it, I will do a review.
Iron Monkey- 1993: Already seen it several times.
The Golden Child- 1986: It has been years since I have seen this. Probably time for a rewatch. I do not even remember my exact feelings on this.
The Crow- 1994: I saw this first in the theater. I enjoyed the camera work and story.
Once Upon a Time in China- 1991: Seen a few times, always enjoy. If I ever do a full length review I will have to figure out which one I like more: 1 or 2.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly- 1966: One of my favorite westerns of all time.
Desperado- 1995: Fun film, though I might actually like El Mariachi better (which I have seen more times).
Fist of Legend- 1994
Hero- 2002: Also in my top 100 (or at least top 200).
Memento- 2000: I've seen all of Christopher Nolan's directed movies, so I'm a fan. I love the use of time in this movie as well as the surprise ending.
True Romance- 1993: Wait is that a mention of Street Fighter? :)
Beverly Hills Cop- 1984: I grew up with this so I've seen it countless time.
The Running Man- 1987: I also grew up with this so I've seen it countless time.
Shaolin Prince- 1982: Great choreography.
Kid with the Golden Arm- 1979: Do for a rewatch, but I like Lo Meng.
The Magic Blade- 1976: I hope you have read my 1000+ essay on this movie. If you have not, you need to. It is long.
Hearbreak Ridge- 1986: Clint, Clint, Clint. This was a time when I was so interested in military and war films so I saw it several times in the 80s and early 90s.
Dogma- 1999: One of the few films on here I really do not like. I liked Clerks from the director then really nothing else.
Die Hard- 1988: I was lucky to see this in the theater. As a kid watching this I was so into it I rubbed all the ink off the movie ticket. This movie probably influenced me more than I can realize.
Unforgiven- 1992: Solid movie that I can easily see in a top 100 list.
Better Off Dead- 1985: I saw this a lot of times in the 80s. I still like it.
Dumb and Dumber- 1994: I saw this in the theater and have seen it several times since. I even liked the sequel.
The Truman Show- 1998: Ditto.
A Better Tomorrow- 1986: A great film, though not as high as Hardboiled of The Killer to me. I've been wanting to do a full length review of this for years.
Ferris Bueller's Day Off- 1986: Another quintessential 80s film. Seen it at least 20 times.
The Outlaw Josey Whales- 1976: I like this movie, but it would not be in my top 10 Clint Eastwood films.
Return to the 36th Chamber- 1980: Solid sequel.
Hoop Dreams- 1994: we discussed. Top 100 film for me.
Duel- 1971: One of the best TV films of all-time.
Shaolin Soccer- 2001: I like so many of Stephen Chow films so naturally I like this.
Ninja in the Dragon's Den- 1982: I saw it for the first time last year. I really enjoyed it.
Dark City- 1998: Roger Ebert is a huge fan of this, so am I.
Predator- 1987: I also saw this in the theater when it came out. It was intense for me. I had no time to bleed.
Love on Delivery- 1994: I'm a fan.
Lone Wolf and Cub Sword of Vengeance- 1972: I've seen all of the Lone Wolf films and this one a few times. There is a certain amount of misogynistic content that I just do not like in these.
Falling Down- 1993: My favorite Joel Schumacher film.
Beetlejuice- 1988: I like Tim Burton so naturally I have seen this several times.
The Shawshank Redemption- 1994: Top 100 for me.
Lone Wolf and Cub Baby Cart in the Land of Demons- 1973: Not as big of a fan of this Lone Wolf movie.
UHF- 1989: Top 200 film I believe. I've seen it an embarrassing amount of times. I even have the soundtrack.
Major League- 1989: I enjoyed this. Also saw it first in the theater.
National Lampoon's Vacation- 1983: The amount of times I have seen this is huge. My dad loves this movie so I grew up watching it over and over.
Back to the Future- 1985: Enjoyable.
This is Spinal Tap- 1984: Top 100 for me.
Tommy Boy- 1995: Also saw first in theater. Saw it on VHS. Saw it on DVD. Bought the BD.
District 9- 2009: Good, but a little heavyhanded for me with its tone and storyline.
Braindead- 1992: I kick ass for the lord.
Little Miss Sunshine- 2006: Enjoyable.
Alien- 1979: Classic. I first saw the sequel though and still prefer it over the original.
Jaws- 1975: Classic. I have never seen the sequels though. Not sure I want to.
The Two Towers- 2002: same feelings on the other LOTR film you mentioned.
One Armed Boxer- 1972: Seen it a few times, though I think I prefer a guillotine with it :).
Fight Club- 1999: Top 100 for me.
8 Diagram Pole Fighter- 1984: Classic martial art movie. I need to rewatch it though.
Inception- 2010: My favorite film of 2010.
The Shining- 1980: Seen it several times, but not as big of a fan of it as you.
Ghostbusters- 1984: Saw it in the theater when it came out, saw it in the theater in 2014 for the 30th anniversary. Top 100 movie.
Total Recall- 1990: Oh this was a great theater watch. I bought the remake but did not see it yet.
Fist of Fury- 1972
King of Comedy- 1982: I really enjoyed this Chow film.
The 7 Grandmasters- 1978: One of my favorite Taiwanese MA films. Heck one of my favorite MA films.
Twins- 1988: I like it, not top 500 for me, but I like it.
Full Contact- 1992: I hope you have read my overly long, obtuse essay on this.
True Lies- 1994: I remember seeing this in the theater and feeling a little let down. Felt a little better rewatching it several times since.
The Gold Connection- 1979: You got me to watch this. Surprised that it was actually good.
Braveheart- 1995: Mel Gibson is a good director.
Ace Ventura Pet Detective- 1994: I'm actually a fan of this. Saw it first in theater. Still waiting for a third film.
Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure- 1985: Top 100 for me.
Dazed and Confused- 1993: Have the Criterion release of it. I'm so-so on it.
Christmas Vacation- 1989: Not as big of a fan of this as the first Vacation.
Seven Samurai- 1954: One of the greatest movies of all-time.
Shaolin Intruders- 1983: Love the choreography of this.
Blazing Saddles- 1974: In my top 200. Seen it countless times.
The Burbs- 1989: This is an interesting pick. I find it decent, though seems strange as a top pick.
Uncle Buck- 1989: I'm such a big John Candy fan, though Planes Trains and Automobiles is my favorite performance from him and what I would consider his best movie.
American Pyscho- 2000: I've actually used the name Patrick Bateman when signing up for hotels.
Fargo- 1996: Like it, not love it. Not sure why.
Young Frankenstein- 1974: Top 100. Also seen it over 30 times.
Edward Scissorhands- 1990: Not quite up there with my favorite Burton films.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade- 1989: Like it, but prefer the first and second.
Wayne's World- 1992: I have no issues with this.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?- 1988: Always enjoyable.
48 Hours- 1982: Walter Hill is a director who has grown on me. I wonder if they could film this today in this PC environment.
The Game- 1997: A little too gimmicky at the end, but I was in suspense throughout.
Kung Fu Zombie- 1981: A bit surprising, though I overall like the film.
Platoon- 1986: Top 100. I first saw it in the theater, I read the book beforehand.
Shutter Island- 2010: I'm a Scorsese fan. Enjoyed this.
Tom Yum Goong- 2005: Interesting pick. I liked it overall (I hope you are referring to the longer version), but the overall direction is a bit creaky, could have used better editing (not the American version though). Great action.
Trading Places- 1983: classic comedy.
The Bourne Identity- 2002: My favorite Bourne film, but still not that sold on these movies.
The Princess Pride- 1987: I believe you mean Bride. Top 100 for me.
Crime Story- 1993: A little surprising on your list. What did you like about it?
There's Something About Mary- 1998: Great comedy.
Casino- 1995: I hate that the screaming banshee of a woman uses my last name. I'm somewhere in the middle on this movie.
Total Recall- 1990: So good you have twice.
The Fly- 1986: Help Me!!! Did not like the deleted scenes, but great horror flick.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- 1971: Grew up with.
Hardboiled- 1992: Classic Woo. Top 100 films for me.
Snake in the Eagle's Shadow- 1978: A step below Drunken Master, though I'm a fan.
Drunken Master- 1978: Big fan.
Shaolin Mantis- 1978: A little surprised, would like to hear reasons for this.
Dirty Ho- 1979: the first Shaw Brothers films I ever saw.
The Blues Brothers- 1980: Top 100 for me.
House of Flying Daggers- 2004: great choreography. I tend to like most of Zhang Yimou's films.

I'll continue with part 2 later :D.

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Re: My favorite movies

Unread post by Mo » 21 Jan 2016, 00:33

Nice one master! And a part 2? Hell yeah! Here's my comments on your comments.

T2- you haven't seen it on DVD? What the fuck? Do you have the Blu? I'll assume no. I like the pic quality more on the DVD.. I have a few extra copies. Let me know if you want one.

Fellowship of the Ring- I prefer the theatrical cut, but I love the extended version too. Same goes for Two Towers and Return of the King. And same goes for T2 while I'm at it..

Shaolin vs Lama- I'm glad you liked it. I hope to read a review from you some time. Indulge me a little bit here. What did you think of Chang Shan? Is he any good? :D

El Mariachi- I agree, this one is really good.

Magic Blade- I don't like reading reviews much anymore, especially long reviews. But Magic Blade is an exception. I may have read your review but I need to read it again. I hope you mentioned Devil Grandma :P

Jaws 2- I haven't seen it in about 15 years but I remember it was one of the most average movies I've ever seen.

King of Comedy 1982- this is Deniro Scorcese. I've seen the one with Stephen Chow and I liked it. It probably doesn't make my top 10 Chow.

True Lies- this was one my top favorite movies when it came out, but it's slid down the list after repeated viewings. But still a great movie.

The Game- yeah! The very end of this movie kind of sucks when Michael Douglas asks the girl out on a date. I love the movie but the bad ending makes it super hard to rank it.

KF Zombie- such a great mix of horror, comedy and supercharged fight scenes. It's hard to recommend this one because a lot of people seem to dislike it.

Tom Yum Goong- similar to Shanghai 13 this one's only on here because the fights are so damn good. Not a lot of good one on one fights but still a lot of incredible action.

Crime Story- I love the uncomfortable relationship between Jackie and Kent Cheng. Great acting from both, and Jackie's best acting. I think the main reason I rate it so high is that it's a different kind of role for Jackie and he does a superb job. And his performance just feels more real than his other movies. Like when he has to push the car over and continues driving it feels more real because it's not there just to add another stunt to the countless stunts that we've already seen.

Casino- Sharon Stone's crazy performance is my probably my favorite thing about this movie.

Princess Pride- lol

The Burbs- comedy is a weird thing. It either clicks with you or it doesn't. Burbs is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

Total Recall- yes, it is that good. There's 2 Arnold's, so it deserves 2 spots :cool: If I only have 1 duplicate that's pretty good. I had at least 10 duplicates on my first edit. I wrote a list of my 600-700 favorite movies so I could choose my top picks and I had at least 50 duplicates on that list. And I have bad handwriting, so that just hampered me more. I can't believe I actually finished. I almost gave up many times.

DM and SITES- this is a tough choice but I always liked SITES more because it has better story and characters, but DM has better fights. But, the fights in SITES are still pretty damn good.

Shaolin Mantis- the first half is a really good love story and the second half is nonstop fights. I wish there was more story, but the choreography is so good I always find myself wanting to rewatch it.

A Christmas Story- it's obvious this is a classic. But a lot of people don't like it. My mom and dad for example I found out recently they hate it. I showed this list of movies to a friend at work, and his first comment was about how bad Christmas Story is. Like I said, comedy movies are weird like that. I think it may be the genre that divides people the most. Comedies, or dramas.

Unforgiven- it was a tough choice picking this or Josey Whales. I really really love Josey Whales. It feels like an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie/role, but more realistic. I find it funny that Ninja Terminator is ranked ahead of a masterpiece like Unforgiven. I'm actually a bit ashamed of this. But if you ask me which movie I'd rather watch, I'll pick Ninja Terminator most days.

Groundhog Day- your mention of Ghostbusters reminds me that I need to rank Groundhog Day. I don't have it on DVD, so I forgot about it. I'm sure I forgot a lot.. Edit- I added Groundhog Day. Man oh man, it's a hell of a lot easier to rank just one movie.

I also forgot Kick Ass, even though I have 3 copies of it!

Let me know if I missed anything you wanted me to comment on.
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Re: My favorite movies

Unread post by Masterofoneinchpunch » 21 Jan 2016, 19:01

My comments on your comments on my comments (part 2 will be later):

I saw T2 so many times that I haven't had the urge to watch it in years. I will eventually pick up the BD.

Golden Wheel Lama is goooooood.

My Magic Blade review: ... hong-kong/ Of course Devil's Grandma is mentioned. Hmmm, human pork buns. Feel free to comment in the thread.

Oops on King of Comedy. I was going a little too fast on writing. Now I'm a fan of that film as well. What do you think of After Hours? One of my favorite Scorsese films which is underrated. My favorite Scorsese film is Taxi Driver. Yes I've used Travis Bickle as a hotel name as well.

I really do not know why people dislike KF Zombie. While it is not in my top films, I certainly enjoyed it, enough where I want to watch it again.

My brother has quoted The Burbs for years (which means I have as well).

Well a lot of people really like A Christmas Story as well. Easy way to tell: look at the high rating on IMDB. Seriously 8.1, not many films have that high of a rating. Hey Roger Ebert made it into one of his great movies list. I have seen the movie over 30 times. I watch it every year near Christmas.

Nothing ashamed about picking a film you like over what might be considered a masterpiece. I'm not the biggest fan of Jean-Luc Godard for example or John Cassavettes. One can appreciate a film for how it is made, but still prefer something else as well.

I also saw Groundhog's Day in the theater. I have it on DVD as well (and VHS tape.) I am a fan of it. I need to rewatch it again some time.

I like the first Kick Ass, not so much with the second. Not sure why I like it, but I do.

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Re: My favorite movies

Unread post by Mo » 22 Jan 2016, 21:55

I'll check the Magic Blade review soon. I haven't seen After Hours. 8.1 is a good rating for Christmas Story but I think it should be higher. A couple ratings that surprised me were Better off Dead 7.2 and Classic Game Room the Rise and Fall... 8.6. It's only 61 votes so it is inflated a bit. I'm surprised it's not lower because if you're not a fan of CGR YouTube then I can see people giving it a low rating.
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Re: My favorite movies

Unread post by Masterofoneinchpunch » 27 Jan 2016, 19:20

Part 2:

SPL- 2005: Great film. I can see what this would be on a list. Overall a better film than say Flash Point, but I love the ending of Flash Point. I have the Dragon Dynasty release of this.
Black Rain- 1989: Enjoyed, though not in my top several hundred.
Knockabout- 1979: Read my long winded review.
The Fifth Element- 1997: I saw this several times when it came out. I have the VHS :D.
Boxer's Omen- 1983: Ohhhh yeah. Crazy film. I recommended this several times, even got an article out of a writer who enjoyed this on an online movie site.
Human Lanterns- 1982: Fun, crazy and I wonder how many people have those lanterns.
Leon- 1994: This is on so many people I know top lists. Yet it is not on mine. Not sure why, though I have seen it a few times.
Rain Man- 1988: You are an excellent martial artist, excellent martial artist.
Jurassic Park- 1994: I saw this first in the theater and several times after. I 've also read the book (I've read all of Michael Crichton's books including the ones under the pseudonym John Lange.)
Catch Me if You Can- 2002: The insane part is that it is based on a real life person.
The Man From Nowhere- 2010: Great knife fight scene; also reminds me a bit of Leon.
The Naked Gun- 1988: The amount of times I have seen this is huge. I first saw it in the theater, have it on VHS and DVD.
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin- 1978:
Point Break- 1991: I saw this for the first time last year. I have no real interest in the remake.
Office Space- 1999: I'm thinking you like Idiocracy as well. This was such a hit among my coworkers at my previous job. I still quote this movie today.
The Fugitive- 1993: At some point I want to go through the TV series this was based on. Solid pacing and story here.
The Magnificent Butcher- 1979: I have a long winded review on this as well. I like it, but I am nowhere near a fan of it as you are. Reasons are in my essay.
Napoleon Dynamite- 2004: Can you believe how popular this film was at the time? Funny enough I liked it more the second time I watched it.
Big- 1988: At the time Tom Hanks was still not as well known for his acting as he would later become (especially thanks to Philadelphia and then Forrest Gump), but definitely shed Bosom Buddies with this one.
Shaolin Rescuers-1979: always a fun watch.
Die Hard 3- 1995: Not quite in my top action films; but I do like it.
The Road Warrior- 1981: Mel Gibson is so underrated now :D. Of course saying intoxicating racist rants do not help.
Election- 1999: I prefer Johnnie To's version :).
Batman- 1989: I'm glad I am not the only fan. I love this movie, have seen it countless times and even have a decent review of it.
Batman Begins- 2005: Solid, but not as high with me as with you.
Showdown at the Cotton Mill- 1978: enjoy but nowhere near the fan you are. Need to see it again.
Heat- 1995: I tend to like Michael Mann's films; heck Henry Rollins is in this.
High Noon- 1952: John Wayne absolutely hated this movie. I liked it, but it is do for a rewatch. I think Gary Cooper is a heck of an actor. I'll watch anything he is in.
Unbreakable- 2000: Underrated film. Watch out for Mr. Glass.
The Delightful Forest-1972: Violence, oh the violence. While Chang Cheh did not direct most of this (he mentions that in his memoir) it is so inspired by his work that it could be.
Groundhog Day- 1993: always good to watch; always good to watch; always good to watch.
The Breakfast Club- 1985: the amount of times I have seen this is quite large. Ahh, the Brat Pack. I like most of John Hughes work (both writing and directing).
Django- 1966: I'm a bit weak on Italian westerns, but of course I own this and have seen it.
Demolition Man- 1993: Taco taco taco Bell I want to eat at Taco Bell.
Master of the Flying Guillotine- 1976: In my top 200 films. I also have a long winded review.
Return of the Chinese Boxer- 1977: Enjoyable. Something crazy about Wang Yu.
Crippled Avengers- 1978: I liked this more than the first Venoms film.
Green Snake- 1993: Just not as high on this as you are.
The Blood Brothers- 1973: Fun Shaw Brothers flick. Need to see again.
King of Kings- 1969: do you mean 1961?

There will be a part III.

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Re: My favorite movies

Unread post by Mo » 30 Jan 2016, 01:26

Catch Me if You Can- I was surprised when I watched the bonus features that this is based on a true story. Funny to see one of the world's greatest thiefs talk so freely about his past crimes. I think he said he's a college professor now.

King of Kings- this is a Joseph Kuo swordplay from 1969. It was by far the best of the Fusian DVD releases.

The Blood Brothers fun? I don't know about that. It's about as fun as The Heroic Ones :P
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Re: My favorite movies

Unread post by grim_tales » 30 Jan 2016, 02:53

Groundhog Day (1993) - I really should watch this again as it's coming up to February 2. A superb comedy, and a modern classic, imo :)

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Re: My favorite movies

Unread post by Mo » 30 Jan 2016, 20:17

Have you seen the show Day Break? It's awesome. It's like a gritty cop action/drama version of Groundhog Day.
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Re: My favorite movies

Unread post by grim_tales » 31 Jan 2016, 11:02

I havent, sounds interesting :)

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