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Re: What Have You Just Ordered or Received?

Posted: 26 Jun 2021, 11:53
by HungFist

From Prime day for $29.99. Now I just gotta figure out how to get the discs out once it arrives...

Re: What Have You Just Ordered or Received?

Posted: 06 Jul 2021, 14:47
by HungFist
Got my Hitchcock set last week. Two of the discs had small scratches on them, otherwise managed to save them from the package.

Psycho was the corrected disc with genuine mono.



Re: What Have You Just Ordered or Received?

Posted: 15 Jul 2021, 15:58
by HungFist


Re: What Have You Just Ordered or Received?

Posted: 20 Aug 2021, 19:20
by EvaUnit02
I bit the bullet and ordered the fuck off £200 Ultimate Edition of the Evangelion BD set from All The Anime, since it's very limited edition (only 2500 for UK/IRE, 5000 for USA). I've waited many, many years for any sort of BD release with English subs and this is probably be the only version that'll come with the original '90s English dub by ADV (sounds like the regular editions will only have the 2019 Netflix dub).

Re: What Have You Just Ordered or Received?

Posted: 31 Aug 2021, 11:31
by EvaUnit02
A favourite cult action film of mine is Equilibrium. There's all sorts of horse shit BDs out there with either A. wrong aspect ratio or B. lossy audio.

I managed to find the German release (with the proper AR and lossless audio) at a fair price, so I ordered that.
From the same shop I picked up other stuff.

A 2020 German release of Candyman. It advertises itself as the Unrated cut and the back of the box says 5.1 track. They created a 5.1 track for the 2018 remaster used for the US Shout Factory and UK Arrow Films BD releases, thus I made an educated guess that this German disc was created from the same master. Hopefully I end up with Unrated cut with a 5.1 mix (Scream Factory's release had 5.1 for their unrated cut, but the Arrow one didn't).
Candyman (2): Farewell to the Flesh UK BD
Candyman (3): Day of the Dead German BD. Seems to be the only release of this film on BD.
Infernal Affairs trilogy UK BD set. An old Tartan Films release, remember them? That name takes me back. Their Asia Extreme releases were a staple of the 2000's DVD boom era.

Re: What Have You Just Ordered or Received?

Posted: 09 Sep 2021, 13:46
by EvaUnit02
My pick ups from the recent stocktake sale:-

Porco Rosso - AU BD
A Miyazaki/Ghibli film that I've never seen.

Project Itoh: The Empire of Corpses - AU BD
Blind buy. I've heard good things about the trilogy of film adaptations of the works of late Japanese novelist, Project Itoh.

Gundam Thunderbolt (2): Bandit Flower - AU BD
A Universal Century timeline production. I plan to binge watch most of the Gundam UC shows/movies, once I own them.

Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Season 2 - AU BD
Couldn't say no at the price that they were asking. I've had good things about this Gundam alternative timeline show.

Boogiepop and Others - AU BD
I loved the sci-fi horror early 2000's anime series, Boogiepop Phantom. This anime series adapts the debut Boogiepop light novel.

From Rarewaves:-

Sylvester Stallone Collection - UK BD
Featuring Assassins (1995), the Specialist (1994), Tango And Cash (1989), Demolition Man (1993) and Cobra (1986).
Got this mainly for Demolition Man and Cobra. Awesome movies those two!

Trainspotting 2 - 4K BD
$11 for a 4K BD? I've give it a go at that price.

Trainspotting - UK BD
Haven't seen the first one so I picked that up too.

The Bourne Legacy - Danish 4K BD
I love this film series. I'm slowly buying it up on 4K.

From Zavvi UK:-

Gundam: Char’s Counter Attack - UK BD

Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Part 1 Collector's Edition - UK BD

Gundam Thunderbolt (1): December Sky - UK BD