FS/T: dvds, blu-ray, Milkyway 1995-2000 (1oth Anniv.) 2 CD

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FS/T: dvds, blu-ray, Milkyway 1995-2000 (1oth Anniv.) 2 CD

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Please click on the images for more info on the film and specs. Any questions, please ask. :)

Thirst R1 £3


Park Chan Wook's antithesis to the Twilight saga


Murderer R3 (Hong Kong) £5



Accident R3 (HK) £5


A character study of paranoia and suspicion, if you put The Killer and Final Destination in a blender, the result might end up with something resembling Accident.


Written By R0 (HK) £5


A bittersweet fantasy drama about life, death and the grief that comes with it. Not as downbeat as it sounds, and this has been widely heralded as one of the more unique films to emerge from Hong Kong in recent years.


Rambo R1 2 disc SE (SEALED) £5

Image Image

Milkyway Image 1995-2005 (10th Year Anniversary) - Johnnie To and Team Film Original Songs & Music (2CD) (Special Edition) £10


For fans of director Johnnie To, the Milkyway Image 10th Anniversary CD Collection qualifies as a long-awaited event. This sampling of musical material from the acclaimed film company's diverse collection of films comes in a 2-disc collection, one featuring instrumental themes and the other Cantonese or Mandarin theme songs from the films. The vocal disc features the theme song for Election, performed by Silver; Sammi Cheng's hit songs from Needing You, My Left Eye Sees Ghosts, Wu Yen, and Love on a Diet; Andy Lau's hit single from Love on a Diet; a song from Gimme Gimme, performed by Pinky; and Stefanie Sun's hit Golden Horse Award-winning theme song to Turn Left, Turn Right.

What international movie fans are probably most excited about, however, is the inclusion of instrumental theme songs on this CD collection. Many of Johnnie To's films - particularly his internationally acclaimed crime thrillers - are known for their distinctive and memorable instrumental music, and this collection represents the first time many of these themes are available on CD! Featured on the 10-track disc are themes from Election 2, PTU, Running Out of Time (2 tracks), Running Out of Time 2, Fulltime Killer, A Hero Never Dies, Expect the Unexpected, and The Odd One Dies, plus a demo track that helped inspire the themes from The Mission. The set comes in a collector's box designed to resemble a film slate, which contains the CD and a bonus collectible: a plastic replica film reel containing a filmstrip. Featured on the filmstrip is a pivotal scene from Election 2 with actor Louis Koo holding the "Dragon Head Totem" of the Wo Sing Triad.


Die Hard 4.0 £6

Total Recall (region A,B) £7

[]All discs are in pristine, scratch free condition unless stated. Will check condition before agreeing to sale, and mention if any problems.

Paypal gift preferred and prices inc. delivery via regular 2nd class with proof of posting. If you want 1st class or recorded delivery it will be extra on top of stated prices.

Also advertised elsewhere.
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