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The Video Game Thread - what are you playing?

Posted: 21 Nov 2004, 08:29
by grim_tales
What games are you playing at the moment?
I've started playing games again now, just havent done it for ages.

I can't decide whether to get Prince of Persia 2 or Paper Mario 2 for Crimbo (I have a GameCube). I thought Paper Mario (N64) was a top game.
Decisions decisions..

FINALLY made some progress on Viewtiful Joe on the GameCube. It's a brilliant game but soooo bloody hard IMO! :o :( I almost got to the Level 5 1/2 way point but I died. Still I built up a huge amount of V-points (100,000+) :w00t:

Also heard today on GameCentral (Teletext) Nintendo may consider releasing some sort of adapter for the 'Cube so you can play N64 games on it as well (I think you have to "vote" for it on their site). Could be interesting, but I've only got the original Smash Bros (very good) and Glover (crap) left - I sold my other games to buy the 'Cube. GRRRR! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::P
Oh well, if they do I'll rebuy the classics again (Goldeneye anyone?) cheap. :D
Goldeneye 2: Rogue Agent sounds a really bad idea IMO from what I've read and I think it will suck :(
To me, the idea of playing AGAINST Bond seemed odd for a start. Why do EA think you don't need stealth in the game (or multiplayer arena)? Surely thats part of being an agent, not just shooting everything that moves. :D I mean, take Everything or Nothing (on the 'Cube). Thats all right, but it ain't no match for GoldenEye, IMO. You never had to do any of the driving or other stuff that the film Bond does and it was like you were more of a "spy" you know?
Also how I laughed when I read the explanation of why the game is called what it is, you literally have a Golden Eye! :D
Also its probably because I'm judging against GoldenEye 1 (N64) which was a classic, and none of the Bond games since have been nearly as good IMO (Perfect Dark, though not an official Bond game by Rare, was their GoldenEye follow up and was pretty close).
I've been reading GameCentral (Teletext on C4) and some other mags - to be fair though I havent seen actual footage of the game running, and SEEING it could give a better impression than just reading WORDS about it. :)

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Posted: 21 Nov 2004, 10:25
by Cooey
Currently playing Need For Speed Undergroud 2 while I'm waiting for my Halo 2 to arrive

Posted: 21 Nov 2004, 10:41
by grim_tales
Do you have a X-Box or PS2 Cooey?
I've got loads of games for the GameCube I havent finished. I was looking to get Mario Kart Double Dash too, possibly Paper Mario 2 for Xmas because I really enjoyed the original Paper Mario on the N64. :)

Posted: 21 Nov 2004, 12:55
by Cooey
Got an Xbox matey... but will soon have a PS2 once again as Metal Gear Solid 3 is due out veeerrrrry soon!!! AND I CANNOT WAIT!! :D

Posted: 21 Nov 2004, 18:48
by grim_tales
Did you sell your old PS2 or something then?? Check out the PS2 version of Viewtiful Joe if you can - I have the GameCube version which is an awesome, really fun game :o :D
After tearing my hair out am FINALLY on the 6th Level of 7 on VJ, but the difficulty setting on the GameCube version is rock hard, even on KIDS (EASY) mode! :o:mad: Capcom made the PS2 version easier :P

Posted: 21 Nov 2004, 20:52
by Cooey
Yeah, sold my old PS2 because I never played it... then last Xmas I decided to buy my self and XBox, on which I got a fantastic deal and play it all the time.

Now Metal Gear Solid 3 is coming.... I NEED A PS2!!!! But I think I'm going to go for a 2nd hand old style shape... will be cheap as chips and will be able to get it chipped (from what I hear the new one's cannot be modded) :D

Posted: 21 Nov 2004, 21:00
by gasteropod
I'm always playing Halo 2 on Xbox Live... dead good

Posted: 21 Nov 2004, 22:06
by Cooey
My Halo 2 is in the post.... hopefully should be here tomorrow :)

Posted: 02 Dec 2004, 20:56
by grim_tales
I'm playing 007: Everything Or Nothing on the 'Cube and its pretty sweet, but still no match for Goldeneye IMO, for starters, the change in persepective from 1st to 3rd person, so you no longer see stuff through Bonds eyes, makes shooting and targeting a pain in the arse :( Not as easy. Maybe its good theyve tried to put more variety in the gameplay though...

If the arenas arent like Goldeneye's I'll be mad :mad: Its not as violent as Goldeneye as its only 12 rated.
Still havent cleared World 6 on Viewtiful Joe - its fucking hard! :mad::mad::mad: :D

Posted: 02 Dec 2004, 22:27
by Cooey
I'm currently playing Halo 2.... cracking game but bloody hard!

Posted: 02 Dec 2004, 22:31
by romerojpg
DOOM 3 nearly done it (i think) I have just picked up the soul Cube! cannot wait to see what it does! :D

Posted: 03 Dec 2004, 11:40
by Unrealnils
Pro evo 4 has just landed on my doorstep for the PC


see you in 2 weeks


Posted: 03 Dec 2004, 20:55
by tpr007
I'm currently playing:

PS2: GTA:San Andreas

Xbox: Midway Arcade Treasures 2 (awaiting Pro Evo 4)

GC: Eternal Darkness (since i stopped playnig ages ago) Have to wait until xmas for Paper Mario :(

PC: Half-Life 2 :cool:

too many games, too little time. Also looking forward to playing Prince of Persia 2,

Posted: 04 Dec 2004, 13:56
by Kurgan
Currently left to complete:
PS2: Final Fantasy X-2 (which is taking the piss, as I've had the game and official guide from day of release!), Onimusha 3 (same; bought it day of release), GT4: Prologue (which I doubt I'll ever get done). Ooh, and Battlestar Galactica, which my brother managed to get for 89p. A steal at that price.
GameCube: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Paper Mario 2.

On both consoles, however, there are a smattering of multiplayer games (like Donkey Konga, and Pro Evo 4, for example) that haven't been done and probably never will.

PC: Half-Life 2, which I think I'm gonna go off and play now, actually ;) I need to feel a sense of completion on one of my machines, don't I?

Posted: 05 Dec 2004, 21:13
by Yi-Long
I'm currently keeping myself very happy with Pro Evo on Xbox...
Playing on level 4, and being new to the series I'm pretty much losing everything at this level, but I'm still having fun.

Halo 2 seems to have been VERY over-rated so far, and personally I'd think Prince of Persia 2 seems to be the better sequel of the 2...

Still havent gotten my xbox modded though... :(

Posted: 05 Dec 2004, 23:17
by Cooey
Halo 2 is great, but is very very simiar to that of the first...... I love it though

Posted: 05 Dec 2004, 23:19
by romerojpg
Hey imagine how good them graphics will be when it on the PC! as Halo 1 was a BIG improvement on the PC, and at high rez it will look super dooper (still crap compred to say Half Life 2) :D

Posted: 06 Dec 2004, 20:26
by grim_tales
Do you think its' worth getting a GBA SP (if I can find one bundled with a game that is), or get a Nintendo DS?
I must say the DS does look tempting :D Its supposed to be more powerful (or as powerful as) the N64 :o

Posted: 06 Dec 2004, 23:34
by Cooey
[quote][i]Originally posted by romerojpg[/i]
Hey imagine how good them graphics will be when it on the PC! as Halo 1 was a BIG improvement on the PC, and at high rez it will look super dooper (still crap compred to say Half Life 2) :D [/quote]

Not even gonna start on my opinions on PC gaming :P

Posted: 06 Dec 2004, 23:54
by romerojpg
HAHAH you cannot win as its prtty much fact they are better to play with the right equipment, a pad id not the right equipment at all.

Posted: 07 Dec 2004, 07:09
by Cooey
Nope, PC gaming is shite and always will be... FACT!:P

Posted: 07 Dec 2004, 08:18
by Mordib
currently (and probably will be for a long while!) on NFSU2, just started with my 3rd sponser, desperately trying to raise enough money to decorate my nice new Audi TT.

there are distinct floors in this game (chase mode for a start) but still, horrifically addictive!!


ps pc gaming rocks!

Posted: 07 Dec 2004, 12:47
by grim_tales
Anyone got any views on the Nintendo DS? AFAIK I dont think you can play GB and GBC games on the DS, but GBA games will be fine on it :)

Posted: 07 Dec 2004, 15:56
by romerojpg
PC gaming you really need to acctually play some, you can get a shit X Box pad and plug that in a pc and connect it to your TV as well, then its just like playing a X Box, but with better graphics!

or use the mouse and keyboard and play games properly and like Pro instead of a Twitcher all in the comfort of your crap TV which cannot compare with a monitor ever!

hey plug your X Box into your Monitor even as it will again look far better.

Posted: 07 Dec 2004, 16:49
by Unrealnils
How can you play Halo on a joy pad :o thats messed up man !