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What Have You Just Seen... Marks Out of 5

Posted: 26 Oct 2004, 00:18
by Cooey
What films/TV Shows you seen recently then folks?

If you are going to write a spoiler, please add spoiler warnings to your post... ta ;)

Fighter in the Wind: ***.5/*****
Not as good as I was hoping, but I still enjoed it nonetheless. Good action scenes, just wish there was more of them

Team America: ***/*****
Funny as fooook :D

Posted: 26 Oct 2004, 10:24
by Laevolus
Lost in Translation.....5/5, genius film!!

Poker for Dummies.....3/5, good but way too short.

Jamie Cullum Live.......0/5 Oh sweet Jesus, save me please!!!!

Posted: 26 Oct 2004, 13:49
by Yi-Long
Saw Last Samurai this weekend; it's quite entertaining, but sometimes the setting didnt seem 'right' (maybe it wasnt filmes in actual Japan!?) and Cruise's acting was pretty dissapointing. The story is also a bit too straightforward and 1-dimenional.

I'd rate it 3,5 outta 5

I was pretty impressed by the way they shot the action though; very clear to see whats going on. No fancy shit or dumb-ass editing etc...

edit; Why the hell is there a fucking censorship on this board!?!?

edit 2; ...and why does shit get censored, but fucking doesnt!? :)

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Posted: 26 Oct 2004, 13:53
by Toge
shit, i'll cancel the censorship. :D

Posted: 26 Oct 2004, 13:55
by grim_tales
OK now I'm curious what did you try and sneak in there?
Is 68M a mod? ;)



Film Wise - 2.5/5.. a simple story/plot which is nothing to write home about, but to say you "don't need subs" and there is "about 5 mins talking" is a load of arse (IMO). It has a story so of course you need subs.

Action Wise - 4.5/5 - Amazing. :o I loved the chase/fight in the market :D There were no wires either! Some of the stunts/fights must have been REALLY painful. :o

Nice to see you Yi ;)

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Posted: 26 Oct 2004, 13:58
by Yi-Long
Hey Grim, nice to be back at this poor attempt of a BNB rip-off ;) :D
I hope most peeps will find their way here untill the old BNB returns...:)

Posted: 26 Oct 2004, 14:19
by romerojpg
[b]Lost 4 out of 5[/b]

My Good God I am watching this series and its soo interesting its damn scary!
I am up to episode 3 and its just something you dont want to turn off at all, you really need to know whats going on and who is who? and whats what?
cannot wait to see whats going to unfold in front of my eyes, and the leading lady is stunning! esspecially when wet! which happens a lot!

apart from that I am not atching films much as my TV blew up :( and relegated to my PC monitor and my shitty old TV, so I have some films to die for! but will wait till I get my BIG assed TV fixed.:(

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Posted: 26 Oct 2004, 14:19
by grim_tales
I also recently saw:

The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash - 3/5

Amusing documentary about the Beatles spoof/parody group the Rutles. The songs are excellent, being both great parodies and loving tributes. I especially like "Get Up and Go" ("Get Back" parody) and "Love Life" (All You Need Is Love" parody)

Azumi - 2.5/5

Thought this was merely OK... the choreography and fights were all over the place and the story wasnt developed very well.
The girl who plays Azumi is hot :P

The Simpsons Season 4 - 5/5

Its the Simpsons :D Enough said.
EDIT: Oops.. I spoke too soon - sorry Romero ;)

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Posted: 26 Oct 2004, 14:21
by romerojpg

Now does it feel like Bullets? :P

Posted: 26 Oct 2004, 14:24
by Toge
[quote][i]Originally posted by Yi-Long[/i]
Hey Grim, nice to be back at this poor attempt of a BNB rip-off ;) :D
I hope most peeps will find their way here untill the old BNB returns...:) [/quote]

fuck you, remember, i'm ADMIN, i can ban ur arse :D

and who knows when jenz comes back?

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Posted: 26 Oct 2004, 15:04
by Toge
moved as this is a very popular topic

Posted: 26 Oct 2004, 17:24
by BiscLimpkit
[b]The Cooler - 5/5[/b]

Very slick, awesome gambling film set in Vegas. Kinda like Ocean's 11 in style.

The story is about a "cooler" - a dude with unbelieveable bad luck who is hired to cool down a table once it gets too hot. In other words, when punters start rolling in the money, he is called in to end their luck. Just his presence is enough to put people off winning.

It's a charming romantic story, which is also quite harsh too.

So far, the fully uncut version is only available on CABLE. DVD versions are cut (R and 15 in the USA and UK respectively). The absurd US film rating system has again messed up everything for movie fans worldwide.

Posted: 26 Oct 2004, 17:28
by grim_tales
Yo Bisc what did you think of Azumi? (I think I only saw the shorter version).
The action in OB is amazing! :P

Posted: 28 Oct 2004, 13:46
by grim_tales
The Matrix Revolutions - 2.5/5

A real shame (IMO) - now we have a very average trilogy with 1 excellent movie which is much better than these sequels.
Its been a long time since I saw Reloaded so maybe that had something to do with it.. I don't know. The first Matrix had a clever, engaging story that was complimented by the effects, whereas this (and maybe Reloaded as well) seemed to be all effects cobbled together with a weak story.

Posted: 29 Oct 2004, 09:02
by grim_tales
No-one seen Revolutions then? Certainly its' pretty poor when put in the context of the "trilogy" IMO. :(

Posted: 29 Oct 2004, 13:01
by Toge
The evil cult (jet li) 3/5 - good cantonese fun but silly ending.

Posted: 29 Oct 2004, 13:01
by Toge
[quote][i]Originally posted by grim_tales[/i]
No-one seen Revolutions then? Certainly its' pretty poor when put in the context of the "trilogy" IMO. :( [/quote]

I saw it in the cinemas - quite poor.

Posted: 29 Oct 2004, 13:17
by grim_tales
Yeah, some of the scenes/dialogue were laughable. I was postively cringing at lines like....

Morpheus to Naiobi: You did it!
Naiobi: No Morpheus, WE did it!

Bloody hell... give me strength... :o

Posted: 29 Oct 2004, 13:24
by romerojpg
I liked all the Matrix films, 1 then 2 then 3, but all great.

I watched

Friday the 13th Part 8 Jason Takes Manhatten 2.5 out of 5

hahaha crap, but watchble and hey its Jason killing people, you gotta love it and a young Kelly Hu is in it. :)

Posted: 29 Oct 2004, 15:46
by grim_tales
Do you think more people would post on this topic if it was in the normal AG forum? :)

Slightly OT but we need to start getting people to post "properly" (more often) here, since the demise (?) of BnB everythings been a bit slow.

I also agree 8 smileys isnt enough. Can the size of the font used in messages be bigger as well?

Posted: 29 Oct 2004, 16:18
by Toge
OK, I'll move it. shall i sticky it? actually, u make that choice grim :D

I'll see if i can change the size - no guarantees though.

Posted: 29 Oct 2004, 17:21
by romerojpg
I wil say I personally find this topic of what you just seen the best topic on the forum, it just gets soo many little topics going on inside it and we find out what people like and what they dont and we also see whats available and also get to find out about films we normally dont give a shit about, its all good. :duh:

I just watched the exta's dvd for Thre Friday the 13th Boxset, 3 out of 5

while it was entertaining and all that and there was plenty to see and nice bits cut from the films, and Tom Savini was in the extras (always a plus) it lacked something, not sure what. Maybe the fact people think any of the films are acctually good, when obviously most of them are shit doesnt help, praising a shit film like these guys do is a little diluded.

Posted: 29 Oct 2004, 17:41
by grim_tales
I did quite like the final fight/duff-up between Neo/Smith in Revolutions :D

Is it me or has anyone noticed that in the first Matrix, Thomas A. Anderson/Neo's boss at the software company, looks and sounds very much like Agent Smith? I mean he has a similar face and way of speaking or something.

Posted: 29 Oct 2004, 22:34
by Limited Edition Slag
atched natural city this afternoon, sent me to sleep for 2 hours. Its a cool movie though.:emb:

Posted: 30 Oct 2004, 11:12
by grim_tales
Little Shop of Horrors (stage production) - 3/5

Pretty damn good considering the cast were all amateurs. I liked the performance of the people playing Seymour and Audrey (Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene in the 1986 film). The songs were good, the only real disappointment being the lukewarm/duff performance of "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space" which should really be a much more show-stopping number. Oh well...