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R.I.P. Kim Ki-Duk

Posted: 11 Dec 2020, 13:43
by HungFist
Fucking hell...

Filmmaker Kim Ki-duk dies of COVID-19 ... 00777.html

Re: R.I.P. Kim Ki-Duk

Posted: 13 Dec 2020, 05:21
by EvaUnit02
Oh damn, that sucks. I think the only film of his that I saw back in the day was "The Isle", which was an interesting Lynchian-esque thing.

Re: R.I.P. Kim Ki-Duk

Posted: 13 Dec 2020, 14:27
by HungFist
It's been probably 15 years since I last saw it, but I recall Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter... and Spring being his masterpiece. I must have owned at least 3 different dvds of that. 3-Iron is another great one. I remember I saw that in an outdoor screening at the first Helsinki Int. Film Fest I ever attended.

Those two beautiful films make a great contrast to the more nihilist output he was perhaps better known for. And the kind of man he may have been in real life... as I understand, he was pretty much in #MeToo exile when he died (in Latvia).