R.I.P. Yuya Uchida

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R.I.P. Yuya Uchida

Post by HungFist »

The legendary bad boy of Japanese rock and an absolutely fearless actor has passed away at the age of 79.
- https://twitter.com/Patrick_Macias/stat ... 0541485056

Erotic Liaisons (1978)

Super Gun Lady: Police Branch 82 (1979)

Rolling on the Road (1981)

A Pool without Water (1982)

No More Comics (1986)

My favorite Uchida performance must be in the astonishing Rolling on the Road where he plays plays a barely disguised version of himself... as a complete asshole! Other great ones include the private detective in Yasuharu Hasebe's neo-noir Erotic Liaisons, the scum reporter in Yojiro Takita's No More Comics and the serial rapist in Koji Wakamatsu's mindblowing A Pool without Water.

No More Comics

A Pool without Water (new trailer)

A Pool without Water (orig. trailer / NSFW)


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Re: R.I.P. Yuya Uchida

Post by momojiro-1star »

Had a chance to see "Flower Travllin' Band" in NYC years ago during one of there later reunions.....and didn't go.
It's right up there with putting off to see "Tom Petty". 2 of many mistakes in my life.

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Re: R.I.P. Yuya Uchida

Post by narutonutty »

Yuya Uchida and Kirin Kiki remained married to each other since the 70's, even though they lived apart and there might have been no romance in that relationship for decades.

RIP to these two legends of J-cinema. An end to an epoch led by two of the finest thespians.

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