Record Of The Year rant!

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Record Of The Year rant!

Unread post by grim_tales » 21 Nov 2004, 20:12

Doesn't this programme seem a bit stupid - as I notice some of the records came out last year... :D Such as...

Mad World (!) How can that be a record for this year? It was Xmas No 1 at the end of last year for Heaven's sake - from a 3 YEAR OLD movie.

Leave Right Now - Well I could have sworn this came out last year from Will Young as well...

There was no way the record of 2003 was Worstlife's cover of [i]Mandy[/i] - contrary to popular belief it was not recorded by Barry Manilow originally (though he made it his own I guess), it was first a hit in 1971 for Scott English.

The charts mean Sweet FA this days IMO, as does "Single to début at Number 1" - ALL singles seem to do that now?! :wacko: That doesnt mean anything anymore. Maybe the Guinness Book Of Records should have a new statistic - lowest sales for a Number 1. That happened this year with a mere 22,500 sales (I think) which is pathetic! :( Can't remember what the song was.
Nobody buys singles anymore! :D Some of todays' biggest selling acts would of been lucky to make the Top 20 back in the 80's.

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