Turbo Kid (2015)

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Turbo Kid (2015)

Unread post by HungFist » 06 Sep 2015, 08:27


I've only seen the trailer, and while I love the gore effects, it does look a bit too much like another "tribute" by people who don't have the balls to make the real thing. I have little appreciation for people and filmmakers who think old genre films are cool because they are "so bad that you can laugh at them", but even worse are the people who pretend to like them and get many things right, but still have this apologetic, humoristic approach. The kind of people who use the term "guilty pleasure" (I fucking hate that term). The old films were cool exactly because of their unapologetic attitude, and that's what these modern jokers so often fail to understand.

Well, I may still give it a go, but I'm afraid it will turn out another Kick-Ass: a film I enjoy in parts, dislike in others, and fundamentally hate for what it represents. Or maybe it will be another Gallants or Machete Kills or Yakuza Weapon, that is, crap from start to finish.

Borrowing and referencing itself is not a problem. I love Kill Bill for example. Like him or not, and he may be a bit too post-modern at times, but Tarantino still doesn't turn his material/sources into a cheap joke. He doesn't have that "I'm a bit ashamed to like these crap movies but I'll make a loving comedy tribute to them" attitude.

(I'm not saying this kind of post-modernism is a new thing... but it has really become a big problem in the past 10 years)


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Re: Turbo Kid (2015)

Unread post by saltysam » 06 Sep 2015, 12:05

i'll be watching this in the next day or two so i'll give my opinion on the film then.i get what you mean though these filmmakers tread a fine line between homage and parodying the very films they profess to love.
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