Public Enemies: US or UK BD?

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Public Enemies: US or UK BD?

Unread post by IronMonkey » 02 Dec 2009, 10:48

Hi guys, yet another comparison please.

I'm after Public Enemies on BD, but again, don't know whether the US or UK version is best. DVD Compare doesn't seem to be that great for BD titles - is there a website which does proper BD version comparisons?

Anyway, anything I should be aware about with regards to differences between the US and UK editions of Public Enemies?

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Re: Public Enemies: US or UK BD?

Unread post by bradavon » 02 Dec 2009, 12:21

The USA BD looks to have:

# BD Live - My Scenes Sharing
# BD Live - My Movie Commentary
# BD Live - My Chat
# BD Live - Gangster Movie Challenge - Test your knowledge of some of Hollywood’s most infamous gangsters, then see how you rank on the leaderboard
# Digital Copy

Otherwise they look equal. I bet the UK BD ends up getting the BD Live stuff too. Personally I'd pick whichever is cheaper (I plan to). I doubt the BD Live stuff is much cop anyway.

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