Sexy Battle Girls vs Sukeban Deka

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Sexy Battle Girls vs Sukeban Deka

Unread post by HungFist » 04 May 2009, 15:05

Shin Toho's 1986 film Sexy Battle Girls, recently released on dvd by Pink Eiga, is a pink version and parody of Toei/Fuji TV's hugely popular high school action series Sukeban Deka II (1985-1986). Since Sukeban Deka is not very well know in the west, I'll try to give a more detailed explanation of some of the connections. There will be a little bit of spoilers for both the opening episodes of Sukeban Deka II and for Sexy Battle Girls

Storyline, Characters and Weapons

Sexy Battle Girls follows Mirai Asamiya, a teenage girl who was forced by her father to grow up wearing a chastity belt. Her father is planning to use her to fight a corrupted school principal who sells students as prostitutes to politicians. Mirai's main weapon is a modified of a toy called kendama. There's also another student using a special weapon, sukeban Susan Arashiyama. She arms herself with ninja pens.

This is a sexploitation version of the first five episodes of Sukeban Deka II. The TV show follows Saki Asamiya (Yoko Minamino), a teenage girl who was forced by her father to grow up wearing an iron helmet. Saki is hired (forced) by a secret police organization to fight criminals and corrupt school officials with a yo-yo made of steel.

In the second episode she meets Yukino (Akie Yoshizawa) a tea ceremony expert who loves red umbrellas. In the third episode Saki meets Okyo (Haruko Sagara), a sukeban who uses marbles as weapons. In Sexy Battle Girls these two supporting characters have been merged into one. Also, in the fifth episode Saki fights criminals who sell top grade students to less well doing schools (to improve the schools succeess).

There's a fun little cultural, moral and perhaps even histrorical detail to notice about the Sexy Battle Girls DVD by Pink Eiga. One line of dialogue has intentionally been mistranslated to make the viewer believe the main character is over 18 years old when she's actually not. The actress playing her was 22 years old, though.


Sukeban Deka features a terrific score by Ichiro Nitta, plus a dozen songs from its leading ladies Minamino, Yoshizawa and Sagara. Sexy Battle Girls borrows most of its music directly from Sukeban Deka. Two songs by Minamino and Yoshizawa, Kisetsu hazure no koi and Sayanora no kisetsu, were also used in the original version, but they have been removed from the film's new DVD release because of copyright issues. Needless to say, the makers of Sexy Battle Girls did not license the music they used in the film.


The original title for Sexy Battle Girls is Sukepan deka – with the minor change in spelling changing the meaning from 'Delinquent Girl Detective' to 'See Through Pants Detective'. The title was later changed to Nerawareta gakuen: seifuku o osou, which is referring to the Hiroko Yakushimaru film Nerawareta Gakuen aka School in the Crosshairs.

A lot of scenes in Sexy Battle Girls are imitations of scenes appearing in Sukeban Deka. Below are only some examples.

Saki removes her helmet for the first time. Mirai removes her chastity belt for the first time.
The symbolic image of wind blowing her hair makes quite a bit more sense in Sukeban Deka II...
Image Image

Both girls use a battle glove
Image Image

And a special weapon
Image Image

The opening intro shows the heroine using the special weapon
Image Image

Saki/Mirai catches an apple/can thrown by Okyo/Susan
Image Image

Okyo uses marbles, Susan uses pens
Image Image

Saki/Mirai catches a spoon/pen
Image Image

Yukino/Susan holding an umbrella for Saki/Mirai
Image Image

Villain Kage no soto / school principal in his office
Image Image

The villanous leader of the girls' kung fu club / school principal's daughter
Image Image

When catching villains Saki says "Ryozan high school, class 2B, Asamiya Saki, also know as Sukeban Deka" and "I won't forgive you".
Mirai says "I'm transfer student Asamiya Mirai" and "I won't forgive you".
Image Image
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Unread post by diceman » 04 May 2009, 19:06

Thanks for the detailed comparison.
Luckily I've watched both the First and the Second SD-Season, so this actually means something to me. :D
Too bad with the changed soundtrack, though. With Nanno-Music I would've bought it.

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