Junk Head (Takahide Hori, 2017)

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Junk Head (Takahide Hori, 2017)

Unread postby Guro Taku » 05 Sep 2017, 19:17

JUNK HEAD started as a 30 minute stop motion short film, which can still be watched - with English subtitles, even - here:


A few years ago, the director tried to raise funds for what he, at the time called JUNK HEAD 2 via indiegogo. I don't know how that went or how he did it, but there is a 114 minute version of JUNK HEAD premiering at Fantastic Fest and I can't wait to find out more. All they say for now is that the completed work took him 7 years to complete and that he did everything entirely by himself.

The story is summarized like this:

Humanity is dying. It’s been 1200 years since our rebellious clone workforce moved underground, and the only way we can survive is by plunging into the depths to learn more about our terrifying creations.

Yes, please.

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Re: Junk Head (Takahide Hori, 2017)

Unread postby HungFist » 09 Sep 2017, 16:57

I saw the short film a few years ago and liked it.

I didn't know he had managed to make feature length version.

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