Arrow's Female Prisoner Scorpion BD Set: An Utter Disaster?

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Re: Arrow's Female Prisoner Scorpion BD Set: An Utter Disaster?

Unread postby Shingster » 14 Aug 2016, 19:09

I was talking about the Female Scorpion set specifically there, it seems just about every label in the west aside from Criterion are guilty of ignoring incorrect black levels with Japanese films. I've never spoken to anyone at Arrow over it but I did chat to someone at MoC once years ago about a Japanese release of theirs and they said they didn't like to touch the masters unless they were 100% certain that there's an issue, and of course MoC are , or once were, aware of the dynamic range issues with Japanese cinema because they've written articles on it and correcting it for DVD releases.

Oh and I've never had problems with crushed blacks when correcting via my Oppo player, at least not with proper "TV set" transfers like the Arrow Lady Snowblood and Twilight Time release of Twilight Samurai, but if the problem is just weak black levels in a more general capacity then it obviously will over-compensate. Some films just have faded prints though I feel and blacks sometimes come out weaker as a result or there's something gone on with the scan that's muted the look (imo that's what's going on with something like the Battles Without Honour films). The Arrow Happiness of the Katakuris and Battle Royale look absolutely fine though, I wouldn't class them as problematic.

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Re: Arrow's Female Prisoner Scorpion BD Set: An Utter Disaster?

Unread postby hanshotfirst1138 » 16 Aug 2016, 00:54

Nice to see this forum getting a little life again, but sad that this is the reason. Still sorely miss ADG :(.

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Re: Arrow's Female Prisoner Scorpion BD Set: An Utter Disaster?

Unread postby crumby » 16 Aug 2016, 01:09

Yes, an utter disaster. But hopefully we will get a japanese release at some point ?

All of the Bluray of japanese movies from criterion i have seen (not much actually) had some black crush. Obviously those 70's japanese movies often have poor contrast (Because of cheap stock ?) They should just stop to go "at all cost" to 0 IRE for black. Those bluray are bought by fan/cinephile anyway... I used to trust Criterion but not anymore.

As for those Arrow's discs, the grading must have been made by some disciple of James Cameron or Georges Lucas who know the "original look" better than the japaneses themselves.

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