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Re: Random Japanese movie news

Unread post by HungFist » 02 Oct 2017, 14:14

HungFist wrote:Looks like Ken Ninomiya had made a feature length remake of his medium length 2014 feature The Limit of Sleeping Beauty. Theatrical release in October.

- http://sleepingbeauty-movie.com/
New Trailer:

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Re: Random Japanese movie news

Unread post by Guro Taku » 09 Sep 2018, 13:54

Takashi Miike's new flick LAPLACE'S WITCH (ラプラスの魔女), a tiresome and bloated "thriller" comes out on DVD/BD November 14th.


English subtitled trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLxEI0qaTpI

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